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Flew with 13 Sqn from when they came back from Malta to Wyton untill they disbanded. If you wish i can dig out my log books and confirm the dates i flew 779. Great site.

Nat Haggar

Pilot Nat Haggar who has flown 779 many times has made a visit to The Museum to see 779 again after many years...

Back In his old seat again smiley

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Saw your post in Mil Aircrew on PPrune. Was on 100 Sqn 82-85. I first flew WH779 on 7Jan 1983 on Convex 1, and again on 11 Jan 83 as Convex 2. I last flew it on Nov 8 85 on an airtest for a trim check. I left 100 Sqn for CFS and then 39 Sqn with PR9s. I seem to recall we had 2 PR7s as well, but can only find WT509 in my log book.
All the best with your research! If you want more info I'll try and help.

John Corden 

Copies from John Corden's Log book....

I just checked my logbook and found that I flew WH779 from Akrotiri to Naples then from Naples to RAF Wyton on 4 Nov 82. It was on 100 Sqn at the time and I'd flown it quite a bit that year doing practice interceptions for fighter controller training. It also still had it's F95 cameras fitted, so most of us young pilots fought to fly it so that we could do some low-level photo-recce. I'll have a look and see if I can find any pictures I it took form it.



Hi Darren, what a superb restoration of WH779's cockpit.
I served on 31 Squadron from Feb 1970 to March 1971 when the Squadron left RAFG. I was a young Flying Officer and flew the aircraft 11 times during my tour.
Seeing the cockpit brings back fond memories of those years and reminds me of the great times I shared with my best mate Jerry Dent, who sadly passed away not long ago.
I actually flew WH779 from Laarbruch to Bruggen with my navigator Geoff Cox, my logbook says "10th March 1971 Ferry last Germany PR7 to Bruggen" . I don't know how it ended up in Wildenrath, I suspect it may never have reached there.
I went onto fly Buccaneers on 16 Squadron at Laarbruch and then 208 Squadron at Honington before leaving the RAF and joining Monarch Airlines in 1978. I am just about to retire at 65 this March.
Maybe I could pop over and see your handiwork sometime in the summer.

Keep up the good work It is much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Ken Norman

John Lillis.... Navigator

I was a navigator on 31 Sqn at Laarbruch from Jan 1970 - March 1971. I flew in 779 on a total of 10 sorties - the first on 3 Feb 70 and the last 19 Jan 71. All sorties were over mainland Europe except the last which was a night photo-flashing sortie over Stamford Range in Norfolk. One sortie on May 8 1970 was during Royal Flush XV - the main NATO Recce comp of the year -held that year in Holland.

Hope that helps. JL


I'm a retired RAF navigator and flew in WH779 on 13 Sqn in Malta and UK and also on 100Sqn in the UK. My first flight was on 7 Sep 1977 and last on 11 Mar 1986. This is first look information and no doubt you have had other contacts covering this period. I will look at my log book to see if there are any particularly interesting trips.

Regards Mike Warren

I first flew her on 25 Aug 1987 on 100 Sqn from Akrotiri in Cyprus during a 43 Sqn APC. My last sortie in her was also out of Akrotiri on 25 Jul 1990. I then left the tatty ton for faster things. She was still on the Sqn when I left.


Hi again Darren,

Had to delve into my mass of photo albums to try to find a family photo for my brother, so I took the opportunity to see if I had a photo of the beast – and I do!

It was taken during the 31 Sqn detachment to Villafranca in North Italy (near Verona). It was a hard life as we generally took off, flew down the East coast of Italy nipped over the mountains and then flew back up the West Coast taking the odd photo or two to justify our existence.

I am not in this photo and not sure whom the 31 Sqn crew was but our Italian host sqn (not sure of the number) were flying the RF 84 – (best you check that id as my aircraft recce was always rubbish!).

All the best,


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I flew 779 several times when I was on 100 Sqn between 1986 and 1988, including a non-stop Wyton to Akrotiri transit. The PR7, in my view, was the nicest to fly of all 5 types we had on the sqn. I went on to fly the Jaguar before serving with the Red Arrows. Nice to see part of her in such good condition, I will bring my sons over to Newark to have a look around.

Best Regards

Chris Carder

Chris and his two sons visit 779 at Newark.... 25/03/12


 Copies from Chris Carder's Log book....


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