EE Canberra PR.7 WH779

Cockpit-Fest 2011... Newark Air Museum

I would have never dreamed that one day I would be the proud owner of a cockpit but that dream has now become very real.

It all started when I went along to one of the Cockpit-Fest weekends at Newark and I could see that it was very real you could own one so after a fantastic time had at this Great event I went away thinking this is a must.

I looked around for a cockpit for many years after that visit and one night I was sat with my laptop and there she was EE Canberra PR.7 WH779 I sent an email with out thinking about it and many weeks later my dream came true I was the new and very proud owner of this cockpit section I purchased her on the 19th May 2006 and moved her from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection to the East Midlands Aeropark.

Then on the 7th Nov 2010 I moved WH779 from the Aeropark at EMA to Newark Air Museum were she is on loan at this Fantastic museum.

It's been a lot of hard work but the drive was to restore this cockpit and one day show her at Cockpit-Fest (what a dream) this cockpit is also a memorial to my Grandad Keith Headleand he is the one I have to Thank for this Fantastic hobbie. And Then 779's 1st visit to Cockpit- Fest she wins the visitors Cockpit Award and for this I Thank you all.

Many Thanks also to Julian and Hazel for all your help.....