EE Canberra PR.7 WH779

WH779 History.

WH779 with 360 Sqn.


This PR.7 was ready for collection in March 1954, taken on to RAF charge and delivered brand new to 542 Sqn at RAF Wyton. ex-Crew Chief Tony Reagan, was the Engine man for WH779 when it first joined 542 Sqn in 1954. And the Airframe man was Joe Chamberlin, pilot was Andy Heyns (a South African) and navigator was Jock McFarlane.) WH779 soon moved on being transferred to 13 Sqn, then 80 Sqn and finally 31 Sqn. Eventually this PR.7 was allocated a Ground Instructional number (8129M) at RAFG Bruggen for G/I at RAFG Wildenrath in March 1971.

Moved to storage at St Athan, it was later given an overhaul at 19 MU, and reinstated with its old number of WH779. Issued again to 13 Sqn it soon moved onto Holding Flight before being transferred to 100 Sqn in 1982 where it was given the squadron code of "CK". It was transferred again to 1 PRU in 1992 and moved with them when they took their PR.9s to RAF Marham. She was also with 360 Sqn around that time and was given the Sqn code of BP until the dispandment of 360 Sqn in 1994. After that she returned to RAF Marham and I don't think it flew again but was used for ready spares.

mid-fifty's, in-service photo showing WH799 in all-over silver with 542 Sqn (denoted by the black diagonal bars on white painted nose wheel doors).

WH779 was broken down at RAF Marham in 2004 with the front fuselage (transportation joint forwards) and the starboard wing being shipped to DERA at Boscombe Down. The structure was to be used as part of a 'structural teardown' programme to assist in ensuring that the structural integrity of the Canberra can be maintained safely for some years into the future. The remainder of the airframe going to NDT development, inspection training, etc.

 with the front fuselage and the starboard wing being shipped to DERA at Boscombe Down, while the rear fuselage was eventually scrapped on the 12th October 2005 at RAF Shawbury.

The cockpit section was purchased by Darren Green on the 19th May 2006 and was moved from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection to the East Midlands Aeropark.

I moved WH779 from the Aeropark to Newark Air Museum on the 7th Nov 2010 her New home.

Photo of WH779 on her way to the Aeropark.



Cockpit-Fest 2011


WH779 Winner of the visitors

Cockpit Award

 The BBMF's Lancaster doing a flypast at Cockpit-Fest 2011

779 & 887


The Canberra Disco 2011




  Cockpit-Fest Award